Be Your Own Bank | Index of Posts

This post contains all the links to the rest of the posts I've made about being your own bank. Any future posts in the series will be added to this index.

The following list is ordered by topic as well as (my) optimal order to read the posts in.

How It Works

An Introduction


Putting Money to Work

Asset Reviews

The Case for Gold and Precious Metals

The Case for Real Estate

The Case for Whole Life Insurance

The Case for Cryptocurrency

Money and Lending

Rethinking Money

Tips for Money Management

Dealing with Debt

P2P Lending and Market Investing


Putting it all Together

Some Final Thoughts

Disclaimer: I am not a certified financial planner, advisor, CPA, economist, accountant, or lawyer. Any and all posts and links above are meant for personal education purposes only, and are not meant to be taken as financial advice of any kind. I can't promise that any advice mentioned in any of the posts or links above are appropriate for you or anyone else. Please do your own due diligence in research and education for your own personal and business finances.

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